Using AI Digital Twins for Drug Testing

Dr. Charles Fisher, CEO of Unlearn AI, discusses creating digital clones by using artificial intelligence for use in clinical drug trials. He explains how a medical patient’s data can be used to make a “digital twin” which can help speed up the testing of drugs. Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Doni Holloway.


Your Digital Twin - UnlearnAI


Unlearn.AI nabs $12M to build “digital twins” to speed up and improve clinical trials


Unlearn.AI Closes On $12M To Improve Clinical Trials

The Unlearn platform processes historical clinical trial datasets from thousands of patients to build the disease-specific machine-learning models used to create what is called “Digital Twins” and...
“Unlearn’s pioneering use of Digital Twins will limit the number of patients that need to go on placebo while also reducing overall trial enrollment time."
A fascinating approach to the problem of how to make clinical trials more efficient, and understand more about what may be possible with more and better patient data.